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Thomas E. Dewey Campaign Buttons

Thomas E. Dewey Campaign Buttons

Thomas Dewey Campaign Buttons. Welcome to the Thomas Dewey campaign buttons section on  New York Governor Thomas E. Dewey was the Republican Party presidential nominee in 1944 and 1948. Pictured here are Thomas Dewey campaign buttons along with one that features his 1948 running mate and future Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Earl Warren. Dewey won his first political office when he was elected District Attorney for New York County in 1937. For his 1944 vice presidential running mate, Dewey  selected Senator John Bricker of Ohio. 

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Dewey 1K - Dewey and  Warren Campaign Button
Dewey and Warren . One and a quarter inch picture campaign button from 1948 for Thomas Dewey and his..
Dewey 2D - I'll Bet My (Ass) On Dewey Campaign Button
I'll Bet My (Ass) On Dewey. Clever design on this one and three quarter inch campaign button for..
Dewey 7E - Dewey And  Bricker Campaign Button
Dewey And  Bricker. 7/8 of an inch campaign  button from 1944 for Thomas Dewey and his vice presiden..
Dewey 4C  - Dewey For President Campaign Button
Dewey For President. 7/8 on an inch black and white campaign button for Thomas Dewey..
Dewey 7B - For President Thomas E. Dewey Campaign Button
For President Thomas E. Dewey. One and a quarter inch presidential campaign button for Thomas De..
Dewey 8E - Draft Dewey For Governor Campaign Button
Draft Dewey For Governor. Two and 1/8 on an  inch Tom Dewey for Governor campaign button.  Dewey..
Dewey 8C - Dewey And  Bricker Campaign Button
Dewey And  Bricker. One inch Thomas Dewey campaign  button from 1944  that features  his vice presid..