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Cause 1R - Stop Apartheid Boycott Shell Campaign Button
Stop Apartheid Boycott Shell. One and three quarter inch anti apartheid campaign button..
McKinley 7G - (McKinley anti Bryan 16 to 1)  Stick Pin
This is a stick pin that is both pro William McKinley and anti William Jennings Bryan. The gold ..
NJ 8N - (No) Christie
 (No) Christie. Two and a half inch anti New Jersey Governor Chris Christie campaign button from the..
Willkie 2M - RAW DEAL Roosevelt And Wallace Campaign Button
RAW DEAL Roosevelt And Wallace.  Clever word play on this anti Franklin Roosevelt one and a quar..
Dole 21E -  Not (Bill Clinton) Campaign Button
Not. One and three quarter inch anti  President Bill Clinton campaign button , who was Bob Dole's op..
Cause 48A - If We Can Risk Nuclear War We Can Risk Disarmament Button
If We Can Risk Nuclear War We Can Risk Disarmament. Square shaped button for nuclear disarmament..
Obama 44F - Romney Truth Campaign Button
Romney Truth. Two and a quarter inch anti Mitt Romney campaign button from 2012..
CA 2A -  Terminate the Terminator! Campaign Button
 Terminate the Terminator! Colorful two and a quarter inch anti-Schwarzenegger button the pictures A..
Labor 9F - Don't Send my Job to Mexico Bumper Sticker
Don't Send my Job to Mexico. Bumper sticker protesting the North American Free Trade Agreement (..