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New Arrivals

New Arrivals

Welcome to the New Arrivals section on Displayed are the latest acquisitions that are available for purchase. Featured are campaign buttons for Presidents, Presidential candidates and local campaign buttons. Check back often as more campaign buttons and political items will be added frequently.

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Hughes 4D - Hughes Democracy  Campaign Button
Hughes Democracy. 7/8 of an inch campaign button from 1916 for Republican presidential nominee C..
Kennedy 21P RFK - Viva Kennedy  Campaign Button
Viva Kennedy. One and a half  inch campaign button for Robert Kennedy’s 1968 presidential campai..
Kennedy RFK 21M - Robert Kennedy Memorial Stamp Committee Campaign Button
Robert Kennedy Memorial Stamp Committee. One and a half inch  campaign button for the Robert Kenne..
Reagan 33E - Reagan  Bush 1980 Campaign Button
Reagan Bush 1980.  One and a quarter inch campaign button from 1980 for Ronald Reagan and George Bus..
T.R. 8D - The People's Choice Roosevelt  Campaign Button
The People's Choice Roosevelt . Nice 3/4 of an inch campaign button for Teddy Roosevelt..
Willkie 8J  - For President Wendell L. Willkie Campaign Button
For President Wendell L. Willkie.  One and a quarter inch Wendell Willkie campaign button from 1940..
 Truman 8B - President Harry S. Truman Campagin Button
President Harry S. Truman. Stars and stripes boarder design on this one and a quarter inch button fr..
Dewey 8C - Dewey And  Bricker Campaign Button
Dewey And  Bricker. One inch Thomas Dewey campaign  button from 1944  that features  his vice presid..
G. W. Bush 14F- Ohio Supports (Bush Cheney) 2004 Campaign Button
Ohio Supports 2004 . One and three quarter inch Ohio supports President George W. Bush and Vice Pres..
Reagan 12J - Democrats For Reagan Campaign Button
Democrats For Reagan. Three inch Ronald Reagan campaign button featuring the map of California. ..
Reagan 28K - (Ronald Reagan) Campaign Button
No words needed on this one and half inch campaign button that features full color classic pictu..
Gore 12N - Florida For Gore - Lieberman 2000 Campaign Button
Florida For Gore - Lieberman 2000. One and three quarter inch campaign button from 2000 for Al Gore ..
3rd Party 18G - California Libertarians for Browne Olivier 2000  Campaign Button
California Libertarians for Browne Olivier 2000. One and three quarter inch campaign button for ..
Mondale 12D - California in '84 for Mondale Ferraro Campaign Button
California in '84 for Mondale Ferraro. One and a half inch campaign button from 1984 for Walter Mond..