Kamala Harris Enters 2020 Race For The White House

Kamala Harris campaign buttonJanuary 23, 2019 - On the national holiday celebrating the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., U.S. Senator Kamala Harris of California announced that she is running for president. Harris begins  the race often polling in the top 5 of likey 2020 Democratic contenders.

Harris started her political career when in 2003 she was elected District Attorney for the City and County of San Francisco. She was re-elected in 2007 when she ran unopposed. In 2009 Harris released  her book Smart on Crime: A Career Prosecutor's Plan to Make Us Safer. 

In 2010 , Harris was elected Attorney General for the State of California. Harris was re-elected California Attorney General in 2014. During the presidency of Barack Obama , Harris was sometimes mentioned as a possible United States Supreme Court Justice or U.S Attorney General. 

Harris won her next election when in November of 2016 she was elected to the United States Senate. Within 24 hours of her presidential announcement , her campaign raised over 1.5 million dollars.