Dick Gregory , Comedian , Civil Rights Activists and 1968 Write In Candidate for President , Dead at 84.

 August 20, 2017 -  Dick Gregory , who rose to to fame in the 1960's as a comedian , civil rights activists and in 1968 wasGregory Spock 1968 Campaign Button a  third party write in presidential candidate has died at 84.

Though Gregory was unsuccessful in his 1968 White House bid , he did received 40,097 votes. He ran as the nominee of the Freedom and Peace Party which had splinted off from the Peace and Freedom Party. Though he was a write in candidate, Gregory used different vice presidential  running mates in various states.

For some states he used author Mark Lane , David Frost for others and in Pennsylvania and Virginia Dr. Benjamin Spock.

Also in 1968 , Gregory released his book Write Me In, which outlined his campaign platform.