No Bush Dynasty Support For Trump

Bush family campaign button. May 5, 2016 - If New York Businessman Donald Trump is going to become president he will apparently have to do it without the Bush family. Both former President George H.W. Bush and his son former President George W. Bush have released separate statements that they will not participate in the up coming presidential election.

This is a change from previous elections when both former presidents had supported their parties presidential nominees.

In this year primaries former Florida Governor Jeb Bush had been a frequent recipient  of criticism from Trump.

Kasich Is One And Done - Ends White House Bid

 May 5, 2016 -  It's time to put the John Kasich campaign buttons into a museum , as the two term Ohio Governor has ended his White House bid. Kasich having  won only one primary for his home state of Ohio had stayed in the race long after it seem possible for him to win the Republican nomination accept through the possibility of a contested convention. The likely hood of a contested convention had evaporated after New York Businessman Donald Trump won the Indiana primary on Tuesday. Trump's win ensured that he would be the Republican nominee on the first ballot at the Republican National Convention set for  July in Cleveland Ohio.

Though Kasich came in second in the New Hampshire primary , he was never able to secure any primary victories accept in Ohio.

As no Republican has ever won the White House without winning Ohio, its probable that Kasich will be on the short list of vice presidential running mates for Trump. Kasich has already said that he does not want to be vice president, but this it typically the answer given when a politician is asked publicly asked if he or she has any interest in running for vice president.

John Kasich for president campaign button.John Kasich for president campaign button.John Kasich for president campaign button.John Kasich for president campaign button.


Trump Crushes Cruz In Indiana Securing GOP Nomination

Donald Trump 2016 campaign button. May 4, 2016 - It's time to fire up the Donald Trump campaign button factories into overdrive , as the New York BillionaireTed Cruz 2016 campaign button. with his crushing victory over Senator Ted Cruz of Texas is now a lock for the Republican Party 2016 Presidential nomination.

It was a history making night as Trump scored 53% of the Indiana vote to 36% for Cruz and 7% for Ohio Governor John Kasich. Indiana was seen as a must win for Cruz who in his concession speech made the stunning  announcement that he was ending his White House bid which effectively made Trump their party's nominee. Cruz had fought had to win in Indiana even going so far as naming former CEO Carly Fiorina as his vice presidential running mate.

Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign button.Trump ended the night with 1,047 delegates which puts him now just 190 short of officially locking in the nomination of the 1,237 needed. With Cruz now gone, Trump is on a path to easily secure 1,400 delegates or more by the end of the primary season in June.

For Trump's likely Democratic opponent former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is was a disappointing night as SenatorBernie Sanders 2016 campaign button. Bernie Sanders scored an upset win in the Indiana primary. Sanders won 53% of the vote to 47% for Clinton.  Despite the win its unlikely to change the dynamics of the race as Clinton is far ahead in the all important delegate count.

Clinton now has 2,202 delegates to 1,400 for Sanders. With the winner of the Democrat nomination needed 2,382 delegates, Clinton is now just 180 delegates away from being the nominee. While Sanders will still continue to compete for the nomination, Clinton has increasingly been turning her attention to Trump and the November general election.

With it now seeming it's a near certainty that it will be a Clinton vs Trump race, a new poll out today shows the former Secretary of State with a double digit lead. In the poll taken before the Indiana primary it finds Clinton with the support 54% of those polled to 41% for Trump.


Clinton and Trump Look For Wins In Upcoming Battle of New York

New York for Hillary Clinton Campaign Button April 10, 2017 - While a string of defeats  have attempted to up end the presidential front runners, former Secretary of New Yorkers for Donald Trump Campaing ButtonState Hillary Clinton for the Democrats and Businessman Donald Trump for the Republicans, the upcoming Empire State state primary on April 26 gives both candidates a chance to escape form New York with a much needed win.

For Trump a return to his home state of New York, gives him the opportunity to blunt the momentum of Senator Ted Cruz of Texas who defeated Trump in the April 5 Wisconsin Primary by a wide margin. Current polling has Trump leading in New York with 56% followed by Cruz at 22% and Ohio Governor John Kasich with 17%.

New Yorkers for Bernie SandersIn the all important delegate count Trump leads with 743 followed by Cruz with 532 and Ted Cruz for President campaign buttonKasich with 143.

On the Democratic side, Clinton has lost seven of the last contests to Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. For Clinton it is also a return to her home state where she was twice elected U.S. Senator and served in that position from 2001 to 2009. For Sanders it is also  a homecoming of sorts as he was born in Brooklyn.

Currently polling for the New York Democratic Primary has Clinton out in front with 56% followed by  38% for Sanders. Despite the rough patched in the recent caucuses and primaries , Clinton has a commanding lead in the delegate race. Clinton has 1,756 delegates to 1,068 for Sanders.

For Trump and Clinton It's All About the Delegates Now

Donald Trump 2016 campaign button. March 19, 2016 -  The voters on Tuesday March 15 made it clear that New York Businessman Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign button.former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are in the fast lane now to secure their respective parties presidential nominations.

Trump took the biggest prize on Tuesday of Florida with 99 delegates. With his other wins that day in North Carolina and Illinois, Trump now has 678 delegates to 423 for Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and the the other remaining Republican presidential hopeful Ohio Governor John Kasich with 143. Kasich avoided sure elimination from the presidential race when he was able to win his home state of Ohio, which marks his first win of the primary season. The reality for Cruz and Kasich now is that if delegates were campaign buttons , Trump would  have a heck of lot more campaign buttons than either of his challengers.

On the Democratic side, Clinton went five for five on Tuesday winning the primaries in Florida , North Carolina, Ohio, Illinois and Missouri. Clinton now has 1,614 delegates to 856 for Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

Next up on the primary schedule is the Arizona primary on March 22. The most recent polling on Arizona has shown both Trump and Clinton leading.